I knew the Marathon Du Medoc was a race where everyone dresses like aliens and drinks wine at the rest stops, but the scene at the start line still took me aback. There were acrobats in gold body paint dangling from huge, floating balloons, twirling as sparkly confetti rained down. Dance music was playing and everyone looked like they were headed to a space-themed rave. We set off and I knew it’d be an unforgettable adventure.

A mile into the race, we came up to a beautiful chateau, looking like it was being raided by space creatures. There was a bit of a traffic jam, as everyone was trying to get wine at the first “aid station.” From then on, there was wine almost every mile. It was usually served in real wine glasses too, which made it all the more funny when runners chugged it like it was water.

I was running with my sister and her boyfriend, who were dressed in Ghostbusters gear. We decided even before the race that we were running for the experience, not for a good finishing time. So we took all the time we wanted playing in the vineyards, taking photos, and even refueling with fresh croissants at a patisserie. I don’t think I’ve ever had as much Type 1 fun on a marathon course.

We took it so easy that we almost got swept off the course by the pace car in the end. But it was more fun that way, since we were back with all the crazies who’d taken advantage of the free flowing inebriants. People were stumbling into one another, holding each other up, and laying down roadside to summon up the energy to continue. It was an accomplishment in its own right, finishing a full marathon that intoxicated! I decided it’d be a fun challenge to one day return and try for speed, while still having to stop for a tasting at each chateau.

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