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About the Route


The isle of Arran is known as ‘Scotland in Miniature’ thanks to its packing highland wilderness, friendly villages, misty beaches, and wildlife into a compact package. Being circumnavigable in less than 65 miles via the Arran Coastal Way, Arran is a great place to get a taste of Scottish hiking. The whole loop typically takes around 5 days, along which you’re likely to see eagles, seals, dolphins, and other brilliant creatures.

“In fine weather, it is a hugely satisfying climb and the walker is rewarded with some amazing views.”

- Mark Wright

The Arran Coastal Way tends to be a cool and breezy hike, so you’ll want to check the forecasts in advance and bring warm, weather-proof clothes. While you’ll pass through small villages along the hike, most of your time will be spent in remote hills and moors without another soul in sight, except for any companions you bring along. It’s a great place to relax and take in the views out to the deep, blue sea.

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