June to
18h 11m
FKT (Standard)

About the Route


The Berlin High Trail (Berliner Höhenweg in German) is a hut-to-hut hiking tour in Austria’s Zillertal Alps crossing nearly 22,000 feet of elevation. Thanks to easy access points all along the route, you can start and end the journey as desired, but the trail officially runs from Mayrhofen to Finkenberg. It typically takes around 8 days to complete, but you may want to schedule in extra days once you get a taste of the views overlooking vast glaciers and alpine lakes. It’s not a hike you’ll want to rush through.

“The trail ascended in a series of seemingly never-ending switchbacks, rising steadily toward the peaks above.”

- Darrell Vaughan

Before heading out to start the Berliner Höhenweg, be sure to check the weather. It’s highly variable in the region. Even though dry, sunny days are common, they can be dotted with fast oncoming thunderstorms and even snowstorms that can be dangerous if you’re in the wrong place or unprepared. Fortunately, you won’t have to carry much food for the journey, as most huts offer snacks and warm meals, so you can focus your pack weight on rain and snow gear.

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