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Adventure Reports

10 Miles at a Time at the Keys 100

It's 100 miles from Key Largo to Key West, a distance ultrarunners must cross on foot in the Keys 100. Find out what it's like to run this epic race.

Racing 50 Miles on the White Continent

Find out what it's like to be the only ultrarunner trying for 50 miles on Antarctica, as the finale in years of effort to run 50 mile ultras on every continent.

A 26-Mile Running Tour in Medoc

I may not podium often, but I usually don't get swept off the course as I almost did in the Marathon du Medoc. But when there's wine involved, all bets are off.

Embracing the Unexpected in Namibia

Namibia is home to red sand deserts, striking landscapes, and more adventures than you can count. Find out what it's like to explore this magical country.

Weekend Adventures in Bagan

Bagan is a perfect place to get lost. Every road takes you past ancient pagodas, like wandering through history. Just be ready for extreme heat on the journey!

The Road to Antarctica

Find out what it's like to be on weather hold in Punta Arenas, waiting for a flight to Antarctica to race 50 miles in the White Continent Marathon.

Running to Refugio Frey

Patagonia is a runner's dream! Find out what it's like to run (and scramble) the trail to one of the most scenic mountain huts in all of Argentina.

Sunsets and Sunrises in the Namib Desert

The Namib Desert is a place that thrives in the transition hours, when the sun rises and sets each day. Discover what it's like to explore this majestic region.