Mid Nov

to Mid April

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Why Go?

What to Expect

If snow is thin in Lake Tahoe, head to Kirkwood, which gets more snowfall than any other resort in the region. With striking corniced ridgelines surrounding the slopes, it’s easy to see why Kirkwood is considered a ‘hidden gem’ for true skiers. It matches beauty with a varied playground of terrain, from beginner groomers to steep, tree-lined gullies.

"Adventures do occur, but not punctually."

-E.M. Forster

Kirkwood is also a great place to get backcountry ready. If you’re there over a weekend, you can take AIARE 1 – Decision Making in Avalanche Terrain, which is the fundamental primer on avalanche hazard management that every skier should go through before venturing off-piste.

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Late Nov-Mid Apr | 2,154 ac | 220″ Snow | 18 Lifts | 9,150′ Top Elev. | 3,400′ Vert. | 36% Beg. | 2% Exp.