17, 2020

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Why Run It?

What to Expect

Get ready to earn your ITRA points if you sign up for this one! With over 12,000 feet of elevation, you might not even have the energy to enjoy the amazing views. But that would be a shame, because Cappadocia has one of the most interesting landscapes you’ll ever see, and the Cappadocia Ultra Trail will take you right through the heart of it.

"The obsession with running is really an obsession with the potential for more and more life."

-George Sheehan

Cappadocia is a truly magical place, known for hot air balloon rides and its moon-like landscape and “fairy chimneys,” which are tower-like formations of rock formed by deposits of volcanic ash being carved away over thousands of years by earthquakes and erosion. The fairy chimneys make it appear like giant stalagmites are rising from the earth, sparkling with the lights at night while stars shimmer above. More important, they are soft enough that they can be carved easily, something Byzantine Christians realized long ago. When they were seeking refuge from persecution, they discovered that Cappadocia’s odd landscape offered almost perfect protection. No one would be able to find them if they lived their lives in caves and underground, so they created whole subterranean cities up to ten stories deep!

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