About the Route


Cappadocia may be famous for its unique rock formations – called ‘fairy chimneys’ – but it’s hiking trails are equally unique and worth exploring. Generally speaking, each hike in Cappadocia focuses on a valley. Favorites include Pigeon Valley (2.5 miles), Love Valley (2.5 miles), Red Valley (1 to 3 miles), Rose Valley (3 miles), Zemi Valley (4 miles), Sword Valley (2 miles), Zelve Valley (1 to 4.5 miles), and Ihlara Valley (2 to 9 miles). The beauty is that many trails connect with one another, either directly or via short distances. So you can mix and match hikes to create a distance of your own choosing.

“The canyons and sculpted rocks provide some breath-taking hiking in Cappadocia.”

- Mark Barnes

Besides hitting the trails, the one thing you must do in Cappadocia is to take a hot air balloon ride. Seeing the otherworldly landscape from above, with hundreds of other balloons around you, is a magical moment you won’t soon forget. You can also stay in a cave hotel, carved into the soft rock like so many ancient churches and homes in the region. It may sound cold and clammy, but in reality, it’s the opposite – cozy and inviting.

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