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You might not think of Turkey as the best place to mountain climb, but it’s there you’ll find the 16,850-foot, snow-capped Mount Ararat. If you’re looking for the mountaineering challenge of a lifetime, this isn’t it. Mount Ararat is challenging and requires crampons at times, but there are tougher mountains around. The reason to climb Mount Ararat is to make a pilgrimage to a region steeped in history and mythology, merging culture with adventure.

“We had a fine summit day with some rough trail, scrambling and rocks, then finally a good stretch of well frozen snow on the glacier which made us glad we had our crampons and ski poles.”

- Eric Simonson

According to legend, Mount Ararat is the place where Noah’s Ark came to rest, having been the first peak in the region to emerge from receding floodwaters. Even before then, the mountain had religious significance, as it was thought by many Armenians to be home to certain gods. While historical accounts and religious beliefs of course vary, Mount Ararat has earned a firm place in the hearts of millions, inspiring them to dream of great heights and the unknown. Naturally, such a mountain is popular to climb, often as a pilgrimage. So permits are best secured weeks in advance. It’s also necessary to come with adequate fitness and training, which can be tested while acclimatizing on nearby Mount Artos (11,650 ft).

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