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About the Mountain


You can’t get much further into pure, crisp mountain air than Portillo, a remote Andean resort on the Chilean-Argentine border. Between the surrounding tall, rugged peaks and mirror-like Laguna del Inca, you’ll think you’ve been transported to winter paradise when you arrive. It’s a sentiment that will only grow when you step into the iconic Hotel Portillo, which has been likened to a cruise ship for good reason. It’s almost like visiting Pleasantville, but with decidedly more partying. Everyone takes meals in the same old fashioned dining hall each day, before retiring to their choice of the movie room, parlor room, or outdoor hot tubs.

“Play is the beginning of knowledge.”

- George Dorsey

What’s most striking about Portillo, besides its views and bluer than blue skies, is how empty it is. With less than 1,500 people skiing most days, you’ll look around the treeless slopes and feel like you have the place to yourself. Chile’s famously dry powder sticks around for days after storms, with few people taking advantage of it. But you may want to sacrifice some isolation to partake in one of Portillo’s excellent wine or ski camp weeks. Sure, the resort may be at capacity then, but it never gets too packed.

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