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About the Route


The Colorado Trail (CT) traverses nearly 500 miles of the Rocky Mountains from Denver to Durango. The average elevation of the hike is 10,300 feet, but the grade is moderate. Unlike the Appalachian Trail, which tends to cross the highest points in the region, the CT passes alongside high peaks – like San Luis Peak, Mt. Harvard, Mt. Yale, and Mt. Massive – while still offering dazzling views.

“In the Rocky Mountains, the temperature swings when the sun goes down, and the weather can change at the drop of a hat.”

- Ryan Wichelns

Despite being located in a single state, the CT passes through 6 different wilderness areas, 8 mountain ranges, and countless charming mountain towns. A few favorites include Lake City, Twin Lakes, and the end-point, Durango. Most people take around a month for the journey, though you can shorten or extend the time to match your desired pace. You may also need a few days buffer to wait out bad weather. Colorado is sunny most days of the year, but storms can quickly roll in when you least expect it.

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