August to
12h 33m
FKT (EBC-Lukla)

About the Route


Trekking to Everest Base Camp (EBC) is a surprisingly serene experience for being a major artery to the heart of high altitude mountaineering. Every now and then, you’ll pass a train of yaks carrying supplies up to Everest expeditions, or you’ll encounter a climbing team descending from the summit. In these moments, you can sense that the tone changes sharply after leaving EBC and crossing the Khumbu Icefall. At most other times, though, it feels almost as if life has paused and the only thing of importance is making the next camp while appreciating the beauty of the mighty Himalayas.

“Flying into Lukla is a once in a lifetime experience in itself!”

- Noelle Kelly

Arriving to the start of the EBC Trek is an adventure in itself. While there are multiple options for trekking in, most choose to fly into Lukla, both to save time and see the surrounding snowcapped peaks from above. But you should know in advance that Lukla is considered one of the most dangerous airports in the world, thanks to the narrow valley planes have to fly through on approach and the sloped runways, which makes you feel like you’re descending a rollercoaster on take-off. Assuming you make it to Lukla, the next stop on the trek is Namche Bazaar, the largest town in the region where many Sherpas live. At 11,300 feet, it’s also a good place to acclimatize before heading onward to EBC (17,600 ft), as it’s filled with friendly people steeped in Nepali culture. Another highlight of the route is Tengboche Monastery, which offers trekkers and mountaineers a chance to pray for their journey, while also witnessing incredible views of Everest’s summit, Lhotse, and Ama Dablam. By the time you reach EBC, covered in prayer flags, and with the Khumbu Icefall looming in the distance, you’re sure to have a whole new appreciation for Everest. Far from a playground for high-income mountaineers, it’s a place of natural and spiritual wonder that changes almost everyone who makes the journey there.

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