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About the Route


As the second-largest canyon in the world, the Fish River Canyon is every bit as impressive as the famous Grand Canyon, yet it has less than 1 percent of the Grand Canyon’s visitors. This means that if you’re adventurous and motivated enough to make the long trip out there, you’ll be rewarded by having this breathtaking chasm in the earth almost all to yourself.

“It doesn’t matter which direction you look, every perspective is impressive in its own way.”

- Michael Turtle

Even though there are few visitors to Fish River Canyon, even fewer are permitted to hike the canyon – as few as 30 people per day. So it’s important to lock down permits in advance if you want to experience the views from the canyon floor. The trek starts in Hobas, which also has the best views from above, and finishes at the Ai-Ais Resort after around 5 days of persistent effort. Be sure to stop by Kolmanskop before heading back north after your journey. It adds around 4 hours to the drive, but it’s well worth it to wander around the abandoned mining colony, which has been taking over by sand dunes.

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