About the Route


The Fitz Roy Trek is a classic Patagonia climb starting from El Chaltén, a mountain village where adventure outfitters and craft beer are more prevalent than WiFi access. With dozens of trails starting nearby, so you’ll want to do some research and ensure you’re familiar with the route. Taking a wrong turn here and there isn’t uncommon. You’ll also want to double-check your gear and ensure you’re prepared for any sort of weather. However hot it may feel at the base, Los Glaciares National Park – where you’ll be hiking – has notoriously challenging weather. Its high winds are unlike any other, biting through every layer of clothing that isn’t perfectly windproof.

“The giant towers were dressed in orange colour and everyone was watching quietly in awe.”

- Maya Steiningerova

Along the route, you’ll pass by a variety of glacial lakes, like Laguna Capri and Laguna de Los Tres. Camp lakeside overnight and you’ll awake to one of the most amazing mornings of your life, between mist shrouding the blue water and steep, granite spires towering overhead. Even if you have bad weather – which is more likely than not – the trek’s beech forests, streams, and waterfalls will make it a worthwhile adventure. To cap it off, you can head to nearby El Calafate after you finish to hike on a glacier in old school crampons!

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