About the Region


If there’s any wild place left on this earth, it’s in Greenland, where few people visit and even fewer live. It’s the most sparsely populated country on the planet, yet it’s also among the most beautiful. Naturally, such an epic place deserves an epic adventure, and you’ll get just that with the Schweizerland Alps Traverse. Requiring 8 hours of skiing for 10 days straight – save for mandated rests on weather days – this circular route will take you over 110 miles of frozen fjords, endless glaciers, and alpine peaks, all while towing a sledge.

“The legend goes that once you've visited you'll leave a piece of your heart here, always calling you to come back.”

- Marti Suulutsen

If the Schweizerland Alps Traverse is not in the cards, you can always climb and ski individual peaks, like Mount Forel (11,100 ft). For something completely different, Western Greenland offers excellent ski and sail adventures. With 20 hours of sunlight during most of the ski season, you’ll have plenty of time to enjoying skiing from summits down to the sea in this magical place. Be sure to check out Eternity Fjord and the Apussuit Glacier.

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