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About the Route


The Heights of Alay Trek is a 4- to 6-day journey through the Alay Mountains in Kyrgyzstan. While Kyrgyzstan is emerging as an adventure destination, it is still relatively unknown to travelers. So chances are, you’ll have the trails mostly to yourself. It’s highly recommended to bring a guide since it’s not too expensive and they’ll be able to show you more places of natural beauty than you’d likely find on your own. Guides can also help a great deal with logistics, as public transportation and rental cars are not easy to arrange.

“Everything you’ve ever wanted is on the other side of fear.”

- George Addair

One of the highlights of the Heights of Alay Trek is all the alpine lakes and snowy peaks you’ll see along the way. Most of the route it over 10,000 feet in elevation and there are 2 passes over 13,000 feet, so be sure to leave some time for acclimatization. Also, leave some time for hospitality. Many households will invite you in for tea and sweets, never accepting money in return. They just want you to feel welcome to their wonderful country.

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