About Hungary


Hungary is a beautiful country that’s home to charming Budapest and much, much more. Travelers who only visit the capital city will miss out on a world of adventure, including rugged hikes, skydiving, and even cave diving. You can fly in a hot air balloon one day and swim in the largest thermal lake on the planet the next. Budapest may already be famous, but the rest of Hungary is a hidden gem in Eastern Europe.


In Hungary

1. Wakeboard at LupaWake

LupaWake is a wake park on the outskirts of Budapest. With over 20 obstacles and 4 cables to choose from, there’s something for wakeboarders of every level. They also offer coaching for first timers and those who want to up their game.

2. Complete a via ferrata in Csesznek

If you’re a fan of hiking and rock climbing, why not try the two together? A via ferrata is a scrambling and climbing route, where fixed ropes, wires, ladders, and other protective gear enable you to traverse steep terrain in a safe manner. Csesznek is home to 5 via ferrata routes, ranging from beginner-friendly to extremely difficult. Whether you choose an easier or harder option, you’re sure to have a great time and enjoy some phenomenal views.

3. Skydive over Lake Balaton

Lake Balaton is a stunning lake in Western Hungary, which is known for being a relaxing holiday destination. For some, though, it’s adventure central, as you can skydive over the lake from a helicopter. Skydive Balaton offers tandems and fun jumps, and they also often host fun events. When you’re done jumping for the day, you can head to nearby Lake Hévíz, the largest thermal lake in the world.

4. Trek the National Blue Trail

The National Blue Trail (or ‘OKT’) is a 725-mile hiking trail from the village of Hollóháza to Irottkő Mountain, almost traversing the country from East to West. The route passes by historic forts, castles, and quaint villages, in addition to a wide array of natural wonders. Those who aim to complete the entire OKT must pass by 147 different checkpoints to have their ‘completion brochure’ stamped, in order to qualify for a commemorative badge.

5. Scuba dive the Molnár János Cave

The Molnár János Cave is a unique dive site because it’s blessed with warm water and gentle currents year-round. This makes it perfect for those who want to experience cave diving in a safe, comfortable environment, especially since the dive center that manages the cave is professional and well-run. Within the cave, you can see unique crystal formations and natural limestone sculptures. It’s an experience unlike any other.


You Won't Want to Miss

OZORA Festival

The OZORA Festival is a ‘psychedelic tribal gathering’ that’s considered one of the most influential events of its kind in the world. It originated as a celebration of a solar eclipse, and has since grown into a weeklong celebration of creativity and conscientiousness.

Balaton Sound

Balaton Sound is a major electronic music festival held each year on the shores of Lake Balaton. The open-air location adds a chill vibe to an otherwise action-packed event. Past headliners have included Alesso, Armin Van Buuren, The Chainsmokers, and David Guetta, but that’s just the start of the world-class talent that Balaton Sound draws.

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