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Iceland is known for its staggering natural beauty, harboring landscapes so surreal you feel like you’re on another planet. In Trollaskagi, it’s a skiers dream. Jagged peaks rise 4,500 feet from glacier-carved fjords and you can usually ski down to the sea. This means you can fill your days with one long run after another, especially if you have a helicopter assist. If you want a challenge, head to the tallest mountain in the region – Kerling (5,050 ft) – and leave the helicopter behind.

“For most people that come ski touring in Tröllaskagi in the north of Iceland, the novelty is skiing down to the sea. Not only that, but lots and lots of virgin powder.”

- Joseph Mattos-Hall

In addition to Trollaskagi, Westfjords is another excellent ski touring region in Iceland. With an epic coastline, you’ll want to get on a ski and sail expedition if possible. Otherwise, Isafjordur is a good place to be based. If you have flexible timing, it’s also worth planning your trip around AK Extreme, a 4-day outdoor festival in Akureyri, or the Iceland Winter Games.

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