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Mid Oct
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About the Mountain


Skiing in India has its own special charm, appealing to those who embrace the unpredictable and idiosyncratic. The resort itself leaves a lot to be desired, but from it you can access world-class powder with a few hours of ski touring or a 10-minute helicopter ride. A popular ski touring route to Patalsu Peak will take you to 13,500 feet, while most heli-ski operators will drop you at 14,000 feet. Either way, you’ll be high into the Himalayas with breathtaking views. But if you want the best of both worlds, you can always try helicopter accessed ski touring.

“Skiing in the Himalayan Mountains has got to be worth a try, if nothing else for the experience alone.”

- Laurence Rapp

As with most places in India, the less you worry about your plans and money, the better your experience will be. This includes when the hotel tells you the heater is broken, or the snowmobiles you want to rent are ten times the price you expected, at least at the start. For a more predictable experience, you can pay more upfront for a trusted guide. You can also plan your trip around the Himachal Winter Carnival. It won’t keep anyone from hassling you, but you’ll be having too much fun with the ski competition, parade, and live music and dancing to care. If all else fails, you can regain your inner peace with some yoga sessions, which are offered widely in the area.

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