About the Region


The Italian Haute Route is a circuit of the Monta Rosa Massif, most commonly starting and ending in Zermatt. You can make it as long or as short as you like, but most groups spend 6 to 10 days touring from hut to hut, summiting up to 7 peaks over 13,000 feet. Almost everyone makes a stop in the famous Margherita Hut (14,950 ft), though, as it’s the highest refuge in the Alps.

“No other mountains (that I have skied at least) capture the imagination quite like the Dolomites.”

- Fraser Wilkin

Some of the more popular mountains to ski in the region are Piramide Vincent (13,800 ft), Balmenhorn (13,650 ft), and Ludwigshohe (14,250 ft). The highest point on the Monta Rosa Massif is Dufourspitze (15,200 ft), which is skiable for all but the final 300 feet.

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