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Jotunheimen National Park is known as the ‘Home of the Giants,’ as 29 of Norway’s highest peaks are located there. While there’s plenty of hiking to be done within the park, even getting there can be an unparalleled adventure on the Jotunheimstien, a 200-mile wilderness trail connecting the park to Oslo. The first half of the trail features mainly forest cover, but the final 50 miles are mountainous bliss, through the Langsua National Park. It finally ends in Gjendesheim, on the shores of Lake Gjende, the gateway to Jotunheimen.

“If there’s any disappointment in this trail, it’s that it ends just as the landscape is starting to get really exciting.”

- Alex Roddie

Along the Jotunheimstien and within the park, you’ll find huts, so that you do not need to pack a tent. Within the park, there’s plenty of access to food as well. So you do not need to bring the whole kit and caboodle with you. Instead, you can focus your energy on hiking some of Norway’s most incredible trails. The most popular of them all is called Besseggen Ridge, which runs 8.5 miles between Gjendesheim and Memurubu. It’s best to take a ferry to Memurubu from Gjendesheim and then walk back. You can also climb up to one of Norway’s 2 highest peaks, Galdhøpiggen (8,100 ft) and Glittertind (8,050 ft), for breathtaking views.

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