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K2 may be the second-highest mountain in the world, at 28,250 feet, but those who have climbed to the K2 Base Camp say its views are second to none. As compared to Everest Base Camp, there are fewer crowds on K2 and the route is more technical. If you opt for the route via Gondogoro La, you’ll even have a chance to use crampons and an ice axe. But this isn’t the place to learn how to use them, so ensure you have mountaineering and high altitude experience in advance. Be sure your route passes by Concordia as well, as from there you’ll have phenomenal views of 4 Himalayan giants – K2, Broad Peak, Gasherbrum I, and Gasherbrum II.

“There aren’t beautiful lakes or anything. You go over passes, surrounded by rock and ice. And yet the scenery is so amazing.”

- Vassi Koutsaftis

Located in Pakistan’s northernmost region – Gilgit-Baltistan – K2 is a world away from the most volatile regions in Pakistan, where safety is a real concern. Of course, it’s still a place where you should (i.e., must) hire and heed the advice of local guides. But most who visit Pakistan are pleasantly surprised by how friendly people are there. This is especially true in the mountain regions, where Pakistanis are excited to see their world-class climbing routes being appreciated. K2 itself remains an extremely deadly mountain, but this is mostly due to risks beyond the base camp – avalanches and falls in particular. There are certain risks inherent in trekking on a glacier, as you’ll do getting to K2 Base Camp. The best way to mitigate these is to go through glacier travel training before the hike, then ensure you’ve selected high-quality climbing guides who are intimately familiar with the Baltoro Glacier, which you’ll travel over.

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