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Late Nov
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About the Mountain


Shymbulak isn’t a large ski area, but it sure packs some punch when it comes to offering an offbeat adventure. The jagged Tien Shan mountains surrounding Shymbulak ensure beautiful vistas from every slope. Snow conditions are less reliable, ranging from sugary snowpack to long-lasting dry powder, depending on the season and your luck.

“The mountains around Almaty are jaw-dropping in their beauty.”

- Mark Wyld

In addition to on-piste thrills, Shymbulak offers excellent backcountry skiing. Just find a local guide to show you around, as temperatures can drop below 0°F at night, making it risky to get lost. You can also go winter hiking along the epic Four Peaks Trail, which is a 7 to 8 hour, 7-mile route starting in Medeu. The pristine route passes over Peak Furmanov, Peak Panorama, Peak Bashuta, and Peak Shymbulak before taking you back to Talgar Pass, where you can catch a free cable car down to Shymbulak resort.

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