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About the Route


Kungsleden is a 275-mile trail through some of the largest wilderness areas and highest mountains in Sweden, running from Abisko to Hemavan. As it crosses into the Arctic Circle in Swedish Lapland, you can see the midnight sun in the summer and northern lights in the winter. Of course, there are also mosquitoes in the summer and freezing temperatures in the winter, so you have to pick your battles.

“One of the many special things about the Kungsleden is how truly off the beaten track it is.”

- Nadia El-Awady

Many people break Kungsleden into sections and take on a chunk at a time, which is easy to do with regular access points along the route. Weather can be variable, but there are huts and even saunas dotting the trail along the way. So as long as you bring layers of suitable clothing (and a bathing suit), you should be okay. Most hikers are too caught up with the beauty of the place to worry too much about the discomforts. Even trekking through bogs becomes enjoyable when they’re home to emerald green lakes and bubbling streams.

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