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Climbing a +7,000 meter (+22,950 ft) mountain is never easy, but Pik Lenin (23,406 ft) is famous for being as straightforward as it gets at this altitude. For this reason, it is often chosen as a stepping stone to higher mountains, like the +8,000 meter (+26,250 ft) behemoths of the Himalayas. To reach the summit, you’ll have to contend with glaciers, high-altitude snowy ridges, and fickle weather. Accordingly, you’ll need basic experience with glacier travel, including crampons, self-arrest, moving in roped teams, and crevasse rescue. You should also train up to excellent fitness before your climb, as even breathing will seem like a challenge at Pik Lenin’s higher altitudes.

“Hugging the edge of the Pamirs, Lenin Peak brews a nasty cocktail of infamously unstable weather, frosty temperatures and serious avalanche risk.”

- Chris Eyre-Walker

Pik Lenin (a.k.a. Ibn Sina) is located along the Great Silk Road, on the border of Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan in the Trans-Alai Range of the Pamir Mountains. Climbing there is like traveling back in time, as much of the population in this region is still semi-nomadic. You’ll undoubtedly spend part of your journey in yurts, so try unique delicacies – like fermented mare’s milk – and experience hospitality beyond your wildest expectations. While you can climb Pik Lenin from either Tajikistan or Kyrgyzstan, most people start in Osh, as climbing from Kyrgyzstan is easier and more accessible. Reaching the Base Camp from Osh will take you along the Pamir Highway M41, which is an adventure in itself.

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