About the Region


The Tien Shan Mountains in Kyrgyzstan are as wild as it gets, completely off-the-radar for most of the ski world. There’s little ski infrastructure to speak of, and even finding your way to the mountains can be a challenge. For years, this has meant it’s inaccessible to all but the most pioneering backcountry skiers, but that’s slowly changing. Today, you can find a range of tour providers who know the area well and will remove most of the hassle for you, like 40 Tribes, TDC Expeditions, and Remote Corner. You can also book directly with a yurt camp, but you’ll have to be self-sufficient in navigating routes and controlling for avalanche risks.

“Situated 16 km away from the closest village, Ak-Suu Skiing Yurt Lodge is surrounded by beautiful snow-covered mountains.”

- Angela Crampton

Some of the more popular ski touring regions are Issyk Kul, Jyrgalan, Ak-Tash near Chong Kyzyl-Suu, Suusamyr Valley, Arslanbob, Char Valley, and Song Kol. Ak-Tash has the benefit of hot springs being just 2 miles away, while Issyk Kul and Song Kol are both high alpine lakes known for their stunning natural beauty. Jyrgalan, meanwhile, is known as one of the best ski-in, ski-out yurt camps and it has a super-hot sauna to warm you up after a long day.

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