April to
3h 59m
FKT (Ultra)

About the Route


The Laugavegur Trek runs from Landmannalaugar to Þórsmörk through the wilderness of the Icelandic Highlands. The scenery in this region is unlike any other, including sparkling glaciers, geothermal pools, and vast stretches of black desert covered in snow and emerald moss. Adding to the magic of hiking there is the midnight sun, which you can experience if you’re lucky enough to visit near the summer solstice.

“All the problems of the outside world disappear as your thoughts are all wrapped up in the here and the now of the trail.”

- James Handlon

It’s no wonder Laugavegur was named the ‘Hot Spring Route,’ as it is located near some of Iceland’s most active volcanos. You can take a dip in steaming mineral pools all along the way, but some of the best are right at the start in Landmannalaugar. Despite being so near molten lava, the Laugavegur Trek is actually incredibly safe. Crime is almost non-existent in Iceland, and there are no dangerous wild animals to contend with. The only real risk is getting lost when thick fogs roll in, as they often do, or injuring yourself crossing the uneven terrain.

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