June to
12h 47m
FKT (Standard)

About the Route


The Long Range Traverse across Gros Morne National Park follows no official trail, and there are no signposts of any kind. How do you find your way, then? Well, that’s where your orienteering skills come in. Before starting the Long Range Traverse, all hikers have to attend an orientation program where rangers walk you through the hike and check your map and compass capabilities. In case you still manage to get lost, you’ll be issued a transceiver for emergency tracking.

“Over the past two million years, glaciers have plowed through the rock, leaving deep gorges and hanging valleys.”

- Tony Robinson-Smith

To get to the start of the Long Range Traverse, you have to take a boat across Western Brook Point. The journey is around 40 minutes, during which a tour guide will give you a few final warnings about the hike. Starting out, you’re likely to find the ‘trail’ well-trodden and easy to follow. But keep an eye on your headings, as some trails are used for hunting and will lead you astray. If you manage to make the journey, you’ll travel across undulating hills and valleys past more streams and lakes than you can count, making for an unforgettable adventure.

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