About the Route


Huangshan, which translates to ‘Yellow Mountain,’ is one of China’s most popular hiking regions, thanks to its beauty and legends of historic events that have taken place there. In particular, the Chinese say that the Yellow Emperor found eternal life there, leading to the mountain’s name. There are two main routes up to the top of the mountain, the eastern and western stairs. While the western stairs are steeper and more difficult, taking almost double the time, the route is less busy. You can also take a cable car to the top, but getting there on foot is half of the adventure.

“China has just so many unique natural places of off-the-scale beauty.”

- Eugene Kaspersky

While tall, jagged rocks and a ‘sea of clouds’ make Huangshan memorable whatever time of day you visit, the mountain is best known for its sunrises and sunsets. Most recommend staying at a hostel overnight at the summit. Undoubtedly, it will be of poor quality for the price, but the views will be well worth it. When you come down, you can stay in the nearby town of Tangkou to rest up.

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