About the Region


Nepal is a mecca for mountain lovers, home to some of the highest and most beautiful peaks in the world. Fortunately for skiers, at least two of these mountains – Annapurna and Mera Peak – offer world-class backcountry terrain, and more skiable regions are being discovered every day.

“Once you get below 7K, the Himalaya transforms into one of the most accessible, unique backcountry skiing destinations in the world.”

- Brennan Lagasse

In the southern Annapurna region, there is fresh snow almost every day in the winter, so you’ll never face disappointing conditions. It’s also one of the few places in the world where you can be dropped by a helicopter at 16,400 feet to start your ski descent, at a fraction of the price of heli-skiing in the Alps. If you prefer a challenging adventure on your own power, you can try a 19-day ski mountaineering expedition up to Mera Peak. While the journey is long and strenuous, it’s not technical and you’ll have unbelievable views of Everest and other Himalayan giants to distract you from the effort.

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