to May
7h 25m
FKT (Race)

About the Route


The Overland Track is Australia’s most famous hike, crossing through 46 miles through the Tasmanian wilderness. It features unique vegetation, like button-grass plains and myrtle-beech rainforests, as well as glacial lakes, waterfalls, and jagged peaks. It’s almost cruel that most of the beauty of the hike is in side trips, as the opportunities to tack on mileage are seemingly endless and hard to resist.

“These waterfalls are certainly quite spectacular, with the torrent of a whole river pouring over each fall into a lower ravine.”

- Dave Noble

While the track itself can be completed in 4 days, most recommend taking at least 6 days to make time for scenic excursions. Some favorite side trips include summiting Cradle Mountain, Barn Bluff, Mt. Ossa, and the Acropolis or visiting Lake Will and the waterfalls on the Mersey River. The rainforests of Pine Valley also make for a nice change of pace.

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