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FKT (S-to-N)

About the Route


The Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) is a grizzly, multi-month challenge that crosses from the southern border of California to the northern border of Washington. The route passes through 7 national parks, 5 state parks, 26 national forests, and 4 national monuments, mostly along the Sierra Nevada and Cascade mountain ranges. With elevation gains and losses equivalents to climbing Mt. Everest 15 times from sea level, it’s no surprise that fewer than 1,000 people attempt the PCT each year. Around 60 percent finish it, but many drop out due to a lack of money or time.

“Never assume you are at the top of a climb.”

- Caitlin Olson

The PCT can be broken into segments – Southern California, the High Sierras, Northern California, Oregon, and Washington. In Southern California, the PCT passes through the Mojave Desert over a mix of flat and mountainous terrain. As you enter the High Sierras, have your bug and bear spray ready. Wildlife thrives in this region of granite giants and glacial valleys. In Northern California, the landscape is a bit lower and milder and you’ll pass by the iconic Mt. Shasta, as you transition into the Cascades. In Oregon, flatter trails and mountain lakes make for a refreshing break before the grand finale – Washington. Washington has some of the highest mountains in the Cascade Range, meaning the climbs and views are equally epic.

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