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Broad Peak is among the highest mountains in the world, standing at 26,401 feet. It’s a rare mountain where many who attempt it don’t reach the true summit, as there is a lower North Summit at 24,770 feet where some expeditions stop. Even this high up, every step is a challenge, requiring a high degree of fitness. Broad Peak also requires extensive mountaineering experience, as it’s a high-risk environment where mistakes can be fatal.

“On 8,000ers people simply take greater risks. Things are done that you would never do in the Alps.”

- Max Berger

Broad Peak is often used for acclimatization for those seeking a rapid ascent up K2 (28,250 ft), as these two mountains are both located around the Concordia amphitheater. Within a 15-mile radius of Concordia, there are 10 of the world’s highest 30 peaks, Broad Peak and K2 included. Weather is often a determining factor for the success of climbs in this region, as well as earthquakes, since the Karakorum is a young mountain range that’s geologically active. You’ll likely sense this on the 10-hour Jeep drive from Skardu to Askole – the last village of any kind before pure wilderness – as broken up rocks fall from great ledges into the roadway in high winds. But if you have good weather, the hike that follows from Askole to Concordia on the Baltoro Glacier is considered to be one of the best hikes in the world, thanks to its high concentration of surrounding mammoth peaks.

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