41-mile trek through the Sierra Nevada Mountains

June to



7h 29m

FKT (Standard)

about the trek

What to Expect

The Rae Lakes Loop is a jaw-droppingly beautiful hike in Kings Canyon National Park, near Yosemite. It typically takes around 5 days to complete, climbing from a low of 5,025 feet to a high of 11,975 feet, all in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Highlights of the route – which is actually 3 connected trails – include canyons, glacial lakes, waterfalls, lush valleys, and high alpine passes.

"We didn't see a single soul other than some birds and a chipmunk running in the snow."

-Jocelyn Chuang

While permits are required for the Rae Lakes Loop and it’s recommended to secure them in advance, it is one of few popular hikes where you can feasibly get a same-day permit. You’ll need to arrive extremely early to do so, but that means you can get your hike started early as well. The trail is well-maintained and well-marked, so you should not have a problem following it. It’s also quite easy to find good campsites along the route, so you can travel stress-free and focus on enjoying the journey.

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