About the Route


While many travelers dream of visiting Ethiopia, few realize what adventures could await them in the Simien Mountains. Between its mind-boggling rock formations, jagged peaks, and populations of rare wildlife, you’ll wonder why these mountains aren’t on every trekker’s ‘bucket list.’ To kick off your journey, head to Debark, a small town where you can organize mandatory guides, logistics, supplies, and permits.

“With its jaw-dropping views of wild landscapes and wildflowers, the Simien Mountains is a rarely visited wonderland of nature.”

- David Stock

The majority of hikers who venture into the Simien range follow a single 3- to 5-day route that runs from Sankaber to Geech to Chenek Camp, climbing Mount Buahit along the way. You can extend the journey by climbing up to Dashen (Ethiopia’s highest peak), traversing through the mountains to Lalibella, or hiking towards the lowlands via Mekarba and Mullet. Whatever route you take, you’re sure to have the trip of a lifetime, exploring the place where humans originated.

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