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About the Mountain


Aoraki Mount Cook (12,316 ft) is the highest peak in New Zealand, a snow-capped giant rising from a Pacific Island. The views from Aoraki Mount Cook are unlike any on Earth, as they overlook turquoise alpine lakes and neighboring jagged peaks. Those with free time before the climb should explore the region’s many world-class trails. The hikes to Hooker Lake, Tasman Lake, and Mueller Hut are all great ways to get warmed up while getting a closer look at the surrounding area. It’ll make reaching the summit all the more memorable, as few places in the world are this uniquely beautiful.

“The Linda Glacier route provided some exciting climbing through the iced up summit rocks, and we enjoyed perfect conditions on top.”

- Alastair McDowell

Despite its relatively low elevation, ascents of Aoraki Mount Cook typically take multiple days, due to the technical difficulty and variable conditions. The classic route up is via the Linda Glacier route, which is moderately technical, including sections of steep, exposed rock and ice. It is considered more challenging than Liberty Ridge on Mount Rainier and has objective hazards that can’t be avoided. You should have excellent glacier travel skills and experience with steep ice climbing before attempting it, and going with an experienced guide is highly recommended. Some climbers shorten the trip by taking a helicopter or plane to the Plateau Hut, where most make their Base Camp before their summit attempt.

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