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Tajikistan is the pinnacle of undiscovered ski regions in the world. Even among intrepid skiers, few have even considered skiing there, despite almost half of the mountainous country being above 10,000 feet. You can find steep, challenging, snowcapped peaks throughout the country, but to date, most skiers have had their fun north of Dushanbe, in Safed Dara and the Fann Mountains. Wherever you go, make sure you check out at least a few of Tajikistan’s glittering alpine lakes, like Iskanderkul and the lakes of Kuli Kalon.

“If you want to ski in one of the most unusual places to ski in the world, Tajikistan is a must-visit on your wish list.”

- Laurence Rapp

For resort skiers, Safed Dara has a unique set-up where you can pay per run, rather than paying for a day. It has beautiful views of the surrounding mountains and is only an hour away from Dushanbe, making it surprisingly accessible. For those looking to explore Tajikistan’s vast backcountry, Artuch Alp Base Camp is a good place to start, as it’s the starting point for the stunning Lakes Loop Trek. This means it’s more built out and accessible than other potential starting points, and there are also better maps of the region to help you with route planning. But don’t expect much support when you get there. Skiing in Tajikistan is so nascent that there are no mountain rescue services or ski guides around. It’s an exercise in self-sufficiency, especially for avalanche training and weather preparation. Some potential objectives from Artuch are Chimtarga Pass (15,600 ft), Alaudin Pass (12,500 ft), and Dvoinoi (14,100 ft), all of which were skied by Huw Kingston, an adventurer and writer who has written several helpful posts on the expedition.

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