to February
8d 8h
FKT (Standard)

About the Route


The Tasmanian Trail is a 300-mile multi-use path crossing through the heart of Tasmania. It stretches from Devonport in the north to Dover in the south. You can complete the journey on foot in roughly a month, but most recommend cycling it or riding it on horseback. You could even make a unique triathlon out of it by running, cycling, and riding a third of the trail each!

“We don’t stop hiking because we grow old, we grow old because we stop hiking.”

- Finis Mitchell

What makes the Tasmanian Trail unique is that it’s well off the beaten tourist track, yet it offers access to beaches, thick rainforests, and mountain peaks. Along with the changing scenery, however, comes challenging weather. There are also water crossings and steep terrain to contend with, so come prepared for an adventure.

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