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About the Route


The Tour du Mont Blanc (TMB) is alpine hiking at its finest, crossing through Italy, France, and Switzerland as it circumnavigates the Mont Blanc massif. Huts along the TMB were originally used by those attempting to reach the iconic summit, lending a sense of being part of mountaineering history to the journey. The trail is also now part of ultrarunning history and culture, with the prestigious Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc (UTMB) being held along it each year. If nothing else, the UTMB is a good reminder that the trail can be completed in less than a day. So however difficult it seems, hiking it in a week is within reach if you’re reasonably fit.

“One of the charms of the hike is to feel totally connected with nature, yet be able to sleep in a warm bed every night.”

- Andrew Delmenhorst

The TMB starts and ends in Chamonix, a true adventure hub that also happens to be a charming French village. You can try out paragliding, white water rafting, and mountain biking before setting off on your hike or head up one of the many gondolas in the region for a taste of high alpine views to get you excited. As with most of the TMB route, there’s little forest cover to distract from the scenery. Instead, you’ll enjoy panoramic views of jagged peaks, glaciers, and quaint mountain villages that vary in style and cuisine as you cross from country to country.

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