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About the Route


Petra is a magical place where you feel like you’re discovering a lost world, even if hundreds of other travelers are visiting on the same day. The ancient city is so vast that you’re often in near solitude, left alone to stare in awe at ruins of theaters and temples that were carved into the cliffside. If you’re someone who wants to see it all, you’ll need to plan routes in advance and leave time to hike from place to place. But the best way to experience Petra is on a few long, meandering journeys, worrying less about seeing each and every highlight and more about taking in the impressive landscape.

“The early bird gets the worm! And by that I mean if you head back into Petra when the gates open at 6am you can finally have the Treasury all to yourself.”

- Alexx Hayward

While Petra will take your breath away no matter how you arrive, you’ll have the experience of a lifetime hiking there from Dana, another ancient city that’s now a nature reserve. The hike from Dana to Petra passes through the desert landscape of Wadi Araba before crossing into and over the Sharah Mountains, dotted with Bedouin camps. After this challenging journey, you’ll be rewarded by the sight of Ad Deir (the Monastery) in the distance, an awe-inspiring end to the passage.

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